Quiz built in Storyline and published as SCORM for LMS - can I tell which questions students answered incorrectly?


We built a quiz in Storyline with about 10 questions, marked the pass rate as 100% in Storyline and then published the SCORM into the LMS and marked the actual pass rate in the LMS as 80% which seems to work fine.

However, is there a way I can see which questions students had trouble with if a quiz was created in Storyline and published to an LMS instead of built straight into an LMS?

Many thanks!


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Matthew Bibby

It is good to have a basic understanding of what an LMS can do and to understand the different publishing options available in Storyline. 

If you aren't sure if an LMS if necessary for your activity, I wouldn't test many LMS's as there are probably better things you could be doing with your time!

In many cases, your clients will have their own LMS and will just want you to publish the activity in a particular way so that it can communicate with their system.