Quiz - Feedback by choice and audio

Hi community,

I have a series of freeform pick-one questions. Each question has 2 incorrect answers and 1 correct answer. For each answer, learner will get a personalized feedback.

I I had to add a trigger to each layer to reset slide to go to initial slide when user clicks "try again" button. That's because the slide was not working properly. I also set the slide properties to reset slide to initial state when revisiting.

I can't figure out a way to stop the audio from replaying when learner tries different answers. Because I set the slide to reset to the initial state, the audio will play again every time user tries again an answer.

I am attaching the file in case anybody can help. Thanks!

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Liliana Cotoara

Hi Allison, thank you but it didn't work and I think that's because I set the slides properties to reset to initial state when revisiting . Also, inside each feedback layer, I added a trigger to "jump to the same slide" when user clicks Try Again. That is because if I trigger to hide the layer, I will get an error message when previewing. Also, if I don't reset the slide to initial state when revisiting, those built-in prev and next buttons will appear and I have no other idea how to take them out.

I feel I am running in circles and maybe over complicating when there might be an easier solution? The only thing that I want is to be able to:

  • provide different feedback for each answer
  • resume media after returning on slide from a layer
  • play again the media when returning to slide from a different slide

I attached the storyline file, in case it's easier to understand by looking at it.

Thank you!

Allison LaMotte

Hi Liliana,

I think the problem stems from the fact that you'reĀ using the buttons as answer choices and submit buttons. I replaced those buttons with shapes and added the submit button back in and everything is working as expected. Here's my version of your file where I duplicated the first slide in a new scene, removed the freeform, and redid all the quiz settings from scratch.

Let me know if this solution works for you! :)