Quizzing w/o an LMS

Hi All! So, we don't yet use an LMS at my company, and so we normally use quizzing platforms online (3rd party) and embed them into a Rise course. Do any of you utilize 3rd party quizzing platforms? So far, I have free accounts using Online Quiz Creator and a neat open source quiz website called Oppia.

Would love to hear what you all use, or how you get around not being able to track quiz data without an LMS! Thanks!

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David Tait

The following article is a good read: http://elearningbrothers.com/how-to-create-a-leaderboard-elearning-google/

The author shows you how to create a leaderboard and link it up to your Storyline courses. This functionality could be modified to create reports on a number of things I'm sure.