Randomization without scoring using Pick One

May 09, 2019

Hi, everyone! I am trying to figure out if I can leverage the quiz randomization options that is part of Storyline Pick One but use variables to control the scoring instead of the form. I am trying to setup a matching type scenario, but I would like for the cards to shuffle each time the slide is played. Is this possible?

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Joey Buys

Hi Anthony.

You can use the "Freeform - Pick One" or "Pick Many" feature for this as well. The Freeform questions gives you a lot more freedom with the design compared to the normal "Pick One" graded question.

Freeforms will allow you to use shapes or elements as your selection criteria instead of the normal selection box (radio button) with text.

The shapes are (believe it or not) also able to randomize as long as you just define them as possible options in the Form view.

See the attached example I created. Notice that when you preview the course, that the card order jumps around (named them to demonstrate this).

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