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Nicole Legault

Hi there Stephanie!

Thanks for posting your question here in the community. That sounds like a very specific need! As far as I can see, pretty much all of our photographic characters 100+ poses are facing forward or sideways. That's not to say you can't find the odd pose from the back, but generally speaking, the characters are facing the camera or the side. Why does your character need to be rear-facing? Might help us to find some solutions :) 

Ray Cole

I just did a check of a half-dozen of the Articulate 360 characters and all but one of them had a rear-facing pose:

Specifically, Kayla, Joseph, Emily, Carlos, and Paulina all have rear-facing poses. There are probably many others, but I stopped checking because it seemed like most characters I checked do have rear-facing poses and I assume that holds true for most of the characters in the library.

Valeria doesn't have a rear-facing pose, but she does have some poses indicating back pain, neck pain, or knee pain.