Special Characters not getting displayed in reports



I am facing some challenges in dealing with the special characters. We are creating a course in Spanish. There are 3 types of assessment questions which we are creating; multiple choice, multi-select, and text entry. The issue we are facing is the special characters which we have in the multiple choice and multi-select options are not getting displayed in the reports. We have used the Quiz feature to create the multiple choice and multi-select questions. I have checked the reports in Scorm cloud as well. However, its the same issue in Scorm Cloud as well. Any help to get this resolved will be much appreciated.




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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Abhishek,

I don't see this noted as a known issue - but since you saw it in SCORM Cloud as well, I'm curious if you could share with us a sample .story file so that we can take a look at the behavior? Even just a few slides where you've used the special characters and then even a screenshot of how they're displaying/or not in the report. 

Abhishek Dasgupta

Hi Ashley,

Please find the package attached. We have tried in Moodle, Schoology and SCORM cloud and all of them are giving the same results. Also, I am attaching the screenshots of the reports as it is coming in the LMS. If you note, all the special characters are missing.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Abhishek for sharing the .story file. I tested the course and saw the same behavior as you mentioned and confirm through the LMS debug log that we were not sending the accented characters as a part of the information passed to the LMS. I've shared this with our Quality Assurance team for review but I don't have any updates or additional information to share at this time. Once I have information to share I'll be in touch via this thread.