Recommendations for Returning to Work during COVID-10 course

Sep 28, 2020

Hello fellow Heroes Community Members!

I was wondering if anybody have recommendations for free courses on Returning to Work during the pandemic. I LOVE the free COVID-19 Rise course offered by Articulate and we were hoping for a template with that theme to be released, but we have not seen anything yet. We have a portion of our workforce in California returning to work soon, and we would like for our employees to be prepared.


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Sarah Hodge

Hi MIRIAM! This is definitely an important topic. You might be able to find some suggestions in this thread. I haven't seen any examples on this topic yet in the community, but if you end up creating something and are up for sharing it, I'm sure people would love to see it. Also, just in case you haven't seen this, you can send yourself a copy of the COVID-19 Rise course if you want to use that as a template. I hope that helps! 


Hello Miriam,
My suggestion would be to keep it focused on actual work environment/procedural changes. We opted to do an informational video, not unlike what you would see on an airplane prior to take off. It is focused on site entry requirements and other procedural and social changes. 

We did wrap it in a Rise template just to make it easier to share with new hires, contractors, vendors, and any other site visitors that would not have access to our LMS.  You can view it here. Maybe it will give you some inspiration.


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