Record a screen: Ctrll+C or any key combination and the submit button doesn't work - Can you help?

Oct 12, 2016

I used the Record a Screencast feature to capture some steps in a program. It worked well for the See it portion, however, I'm having difficulty in the Try it portion. In the screencast, I  used keyboard shortcuts such as CTRL + C to copy and so on. The problem is there is a Submit button on the slide and it always tells me that I'm getting the CTRL +C (or whatever shortcut key I'm using) incorrect and to try again, thus I cannot move forward. All of these types of transactions have the following trigger.  Action of Submit Interaction, Interaction Shortcut key 1, When the User Clicks, Object Submit button (If you would be so kind as to see attached Storyline file and provide me with some guidance). I really don't want the Submit button on the slide so if you can tell me a way to remove it without interrupting the flow that would be great.  Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.

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Kelly Meeker

Hi Maree! You may want to take a look at this support doc in case this is what's happening:

If that doesn't apply, I'd suggest contacting our support team here to get a more detailed look at your situation:

Crystal Horn

Hi Maree!  I think you might have submitted your case (908108) already, but I did have a look at your file.  I was able to remove the "submit" button and use the ctrl + c properly to advance the slide, but only in the published output.  It didn't work on Preview, and I'll dig into the reasoning behind that.  

I used your snippet from the screen recording, and then also use created one from scratch in Scene 2.  I've attached the modified file.  If you publish it for web and test it, you should be successful with the ctrl + c keypress!

Maree Eilman

Here is the answer should anyone else have this problem. 

Disable the Submit button using the properties wheel in the lower right corner of the slide, and while still in the properties dialog set the Slide Advance to automatic. 

Then, change the trigger to the following:

Action: Submit interaction
Interaction: Shortcut Key 1
When: User presses a key
Key: Ctrl+C
Object: 1.1 Press Control + C

1:1 Press Control +C (refers to the name of the slide.)

Thanks to Victor Reyes in Support! 

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