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Jan 08, 2018

I'm designing an interactive resource where the driving content is answering FAQs about our product, company, what makes us different, etc. It will be used by sales to help drive guided conversations (very similar to the Prezi presentation model), but it will also be a self-paced resource where someone who's interested can explore its contents.

I envision about 5 main sections. In each section, the first level will be accessing many FAQs... so more than likely these will have to be split into one more level of categories to make it easily navigable. Then, the next level will give a short answer on each question, and link to an additional slide where there might be a video, PDF, link to our site, etc. that goes into even more detail on the topic.

So, I'm looking for a simple, multi-layered design that is easily to drill down and come back up in several areas with many (let's say 10-15) q&a in each section.

Are you familiar with an existing template I could view to get inspiration? After playing with Prezi for a day or two, I felt like I could do something more robust in Storyline. I'm not sure if I could use interactive question slides to guide them up and down the content.... or just a bunch of hyerlinks on clickable shapes.

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Nicole Legault

Hi Heather!

Thanks for coming to the E-Learning Heroes Community with your question. Based on what you want to do, it sounds like this project would be perfect for Rise! Do you know about Rise? It's the web-based authoring tool available with Articulate 360. It's actually perfect to create the kind of e-learning content you've described. You can examples of complete Rise courses here in the E-Learning Examples hub.

Here's a few Rise examples you might want to glance at in particular:

These are all created with Rise and may give you some ideas! :) 


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