Jan 14, 2015

I have a question regarding the next version os Studio and Storyline. I wanted to know if Responsiveness is going to be a priority for the software? What we currently have isn't "true" responsiveness and I would suggest that in the next version building in responsiveness should be priority, unless I am missing something.


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Nicole Legault

Hello there Stuart!

Thanks for the question! We can’t specifically comment on our product roadmap, but we can say that we’re deeply committed to mobile.  As I'm sure you know, content on responsive webpages dynamically repositions to fit different screen sizes; we don't believe that slide-based content works this way because with slides, the relative position of content matters.

E-learning authoring tools that claim to be responsive actually make you manually reposition your slide content for every device. It’s a time-consuming task given the ever-growing pool of devices and form factors available to learners.

You should be able to develop a course once, and trust it will look great on any device—without any manual tweaking. We believe that smart, adaptive course players are the answer. They would maintain the positioning of slide content, while also delivering a beautiful learning experience on every device. The players do the heavy lifting, not you.  To that end, we’re enhancing our HTML5, Android, and iOS tablet course players to be more adaptive. 

Hope this answer helps clarify a bit Stuart and of course you can always feel free to submit a feature request if there's something specific you'd like to see. Thanks!

Stuart Ryan

Thanks Nicole for the update. I am a webdeveloper in my spare time and use Bootstrap to build "mobile first" websites.

When I look at responsiveness I talk about the ability to hide and unhide objects depending on device, Navbar toggles again depending on device, then you think about the ability to start something on your mobile and perhaps finish it on your desktop or vice verssa.

Thanks for the update though.

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