Results Slide - My practice Activities are not being calculated in the final assessment

Oct 27, 2016

I have two modules I would l like to have included in the final assessment. I've gone in and selected the appropriate option "Results Slide" and then selected the  assessment for each slide I want to include in the final assessment.  The first module is included but module four is not. Anyone with an answer to this dilemma? HELP as my due date for this assignment is today!!! thanks in advance!

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Wendy Farmer

HI Maree

I'm a little confused.

The result slide appears after the Assessment in Scene 2 (although I didn't see it at all)  and includes Module 1, Assessment and Mod 4 questions. Your issue above says Module 3 not included but that question isn't ticked?

Also there is a case study that doesn't have a continue button and I couldn't proceed once I clicked submit and got the feedback layer.

Maree Eilman

H,i Wendy - I'm not sure what has happened now that I've removed the slides with the client info. Maybe the order got mixed up when I made those changes. Let me try to see what has happened and resubmit. If you don't mind. Not sure why the Continue button would not appear. Strange because the course works fine otherwise. 

Maree Eilman

Hi Wendy,


Lucky for me I got a one-day extension on my project. Okay so I fixed the continue button and it should work now. The initial issue I had and still have is that in the final assessment my Quality Assessments and my Case Studies in module 4 do not get tabulated in my final assessment (even though made the correct settings in the design i.e. include in assessment). The only thing that gets tabulated in my final assessment is module 1 Practice Activities.  I've gone ahead and reattached my sample. 

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