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Kelly Taylor

We have the reverse issue, our quiz slides are embedded throughout the content and students are required to achieve 100% to attain compliance.
We are wanting them to be able to review the content at any time and the quiz slide retains the result unless they fail. In that case, we would like to force them to redo the quiz (resit/reset that activity).
Does anyone have guidance on best practice for doing this?

Joanne Chen

Hi Kelly,

If you don't do custom settings the quiz will remain the result when users revisit it. You can add a retry button in the fail layer of result slide and then force them to redo the quiz. But be careful, you might depress users if they keep having troubles of not getting 100% score. 

Kelly Taylor

Thanks Joanne, But being a competency-based compliance course, they have no option than to attain 100%, its required legislatively.
We do already have the 'retry' button applied to the fail layer of the results slide however it doesn't allow students to revisit the content again later without having to redo all of the quizzes and risk failing again, it also appears to mix up some of our other triggers.
I might just start a new thread and upload a brief example of the course.