Review quiz answers before results slide?

Apr 22, 2020

I've been toying with a couple ideas for a potential project.

We are considering transitioning a paper & pencil test for a certification process to a elearning quiz/test in Storyline. I've built a test prototype that does not show them if they got the answer right or wrong, similar to a paper test. I eliminated the feedback layers, and kick them to the next question after they hit the submit button.

Is it possible to allow the learners to go back and review and/or change their answers after they've completed the quiz, but before they get to the results slide?

I tried to send them back to the beginning of the quiz. If I set it to unlimited tries, then they could change their answers, but ONLY if they got it wrong. Normally, I'd be okay with this, but since this is a certification test, the customer may not be. 

I tried to have the slide reset on revisit, but that erases their previous answer, and they essentially start the test all over again.

Is this possible?

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Steve Hazelton

I just followed Wendy's article but I then added a slide between the questions and the results slide. It has two buttons - Review my answers (which takes them back to slide 1) and Continue. This lets them know that they are at the end, and lets them go back quickly.

Thanks for asking the question - I had been wanting to figure this out, and now I know! And it was a good "Afternoon coffee break" exercise.

Steve Hazelton

Yup. This is my coffee break site just for that reason - if I can't come up with a creative answer I just wait for someone else to do so.

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Steve Hazelton

Thanks Allison. FYI, I don't have the Edit option from the e-mailed response I sent in, just ones I post directly, which is why I couldn't figure it out. Probably because I use an e-mail alias (my "official" e-mail name goes back to the old 8-character limit!) so it probably doesn't recognize my e-mail as coming from me. Someday, I'll just have to learn to not reply directly to the e-mails.

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