Revision control for Rise projects

Hi All

We need to include revision information on all of our Healthcare related e-learnings (for audit purposes)

Can anyone advise the best way to include a record of revisions in Rise projects

 In our  Story files we include a table with  all the revision numbers on the first slide (off slide, so not visible in the e-learning itself) we also label our story files with the revision number, however in a Rise project there doesn't seem to be a way of doing something similar  

Any suggestions would be appreciated



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Judy Nollet

Hi, Patricia,

You could make the version number discretely visible in Rise (e.g., small type on the intro). And you could create a new source copy in Rise for each version. Put the older versions into a folder so they're available but out of the way. 

I've been working with clients in the healthcare industry for quite a while. Auditors can't view source files, and they don't want to step through a course in an LMS or offline. So I create Word copies of Storyline courses, which means all versions can be easily viewed. (FYI: I don't use the default document created by publishing to Word. Instead, in a new document, I use a 2-column table. The left column is for the screen shots. The right column is for info about interactions and any other pertinent notes. I also make sure the document includes any glossary terms and resources.) 

For Rise, you could publish a PDF of each version ( That should be acceptable for audits. 

Patricia de Souza

Hi Judy

Some very useful tips - many thanks!

I specifically like the  idea of publishing a PDF - of each version as we can also store these with any master powerpoints (on which the e-learnings are based!)

Its a shame when you modify a rise project, there is no option to save it under another title - I rather foolishly didn't think  to create a new source copy on a project I have just updated - before updating it :( 


Karl Muller

During the initial Instructional Design process when developing a new course, we create a Word document that is used as a content document and storyboard. Once signed off by all stakeholders, this document is used to create the Rise course.

After initial course creation, the Word document becomes the master document and is our method of version control. All proposed changes are first made to the document and approved changes are saved as different versions. We then update the Rise course to match the latest version of the master document.

So we only ever have one copy of each Rise course, but a different Word document for each version. We can go back at any time to these documents and track what was changed, when, why, and by whom.