Scalable LMS with enterprise planning capabilities

Hi all,

I am in the market for an enterprise level software solution to deliver & administer a corporate learning & development program. Of course I would like to tap into the group wisdom for any thoughts/advice.

Apart from the usual features that are offered by many LMS solutions, I am also looking for something that can schedule human & physical resources, track & report on learner attendance & allow a variety of information to be stored in hard &/or soft copy (i.e. enrolment details, copies of assessment etc).

I am arranging presentations from a few companies including Operitel (LearnFlex), Cornerstone on Demand (learning cloud) & Salmat (Skills Optimiser).

Would love to hear from others who have experience with any of these products or other solutions.



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Peter Zimak

Hello Brad,

I had similar needs, and after a *lot* of research/testing and variety of presentations - I decided to use Docebo cloud LMS solution.

Maybe it will be also good direction for your research.

You can see more and test it here:

Hope it helps


Malinda McGregor

Hi Peter,

Thanks very much for your advice.

I have heard good things about Docebo. Do you this solution to manage & store compliance documentation in addition to a LMS?

If you don't mind me asking - how many learners have you used Docebo to deploy training to & is this across multiple sites?