Is there an easy way to track answers that the employee chooses? Any of the answers can be right... we are trying to collect information and report the answers. 

My idea was to associate points for each answer. Like a would get 1 point and b get 2 point and 3 get 3 points. The passing score be 0%. Then when we run a report... we would see the score and be able to associate the answer. It is a 1 question test. 


Any other suggestions? 

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Pankaj Agrawal

Hi Marie,

You can track responses to questions by using xAPI (Tin Can). 

You will need an LMS that can launch xAPI content, and an LRS that can record the data. 

If you are using WordPress, you can use GrassBlade xAPI Companion plugin to launch the xAPI Content (i.e. your Articulate quiz with xAPI tracking enabled)

This article shows the publish settings for xAPI (Tin Can) for Articulate Storyline 

You can use any LRS for collecting the answers, but if you want a MySQL based LRS, you can use GrassBlade LRS. 

For response based points. I guess articulate doesn't have that option. So, you will need to build a custom report after getting the data in LRS.

(from GrassBlade)