SCORM Articulate package that will be able to resume any number of times

I have three slides. 11.Opening, slide, and 3.closing/exit. The learners are nurses and may need to close this course before completion and return anywhere from an hour to the next day to complete the course. When I had only had one button "start" on the opening screen. They could only click "Start" which causes the video to begin at the begining. I have added another button "resume>". If they have all ready watched a portion of the video my directions tell them to click that button and it would begin where they left off. They would need to watch the entire video to the end of the timeline to get a completion. At this time if they exit the course before watching it to the end it gives them a completion. Do not want that to happen. Only when they have watched to the end video. Any help or suggestions would be apprciated. 

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Andrea Mandal

What version of SCORM are you using ?

I'm thinking about the fact that it's a video they have to watch to the end of. I'm not sure that can be detected by your LMS. It might be best to send the user to the end page once they've viewed the video (and they can't navigate to that page without having viewed it) and then base your completion status on viewing slides 1,2,3 of the course... I assume this is what you are doing already :)

I know it's outside the purview of this forum, but here's some things to look into with the LMS. I've never worked with Cornerstone so my terms may be off but you can probably translate... I'm surprised that the problem is false completions instead of false incomplete, but these may be helpful in some way to you.

Check in your course properties to see how commit behavior is happening. You can set it to commit at different intervals (I would usually go with 2-5 minutes) so that data is periodically being returned to the server. If it's set just to commit when the user closes the window, you do risk losing what they've done if somehow they've lost connection with the server. This way your suspend data is as accurate as possible. (It does send more traffic to the server to do this so think about how much traffic the server is getting and how many courses you have committing periodically like this.)

If you are using SCORM 1.2 there's a limit of characters in suspend data - I can't remember if it's 2048 or 4096. This usually no problem for short courses, but for longer ones (many slides and/or many quiz questions), especially if you're saving test data, you do run into problems and should consider SCORM 2004.


LaVon Bowman;jsessionid=6E1370D1B85D825F5292393D28F6CAFD

We use SCORM Cloud by Rustici. The image capture I sent to you was what happened when I used your link to the same SCORM Cloud.
Thank you for your patience. I just so not know what else to do but ask again.


Andrea Mandal

When you publish in Storyline what setting do you use?

I used to use LMS > SCORM 1.2

Report status as Passed/Incomplete

Tracking: Number of slides viewed to complete: all

It appears that there's now the "track using complete course trigger" - are you using this ? If you switch to pass them if they've viewed 3/3 slides instead does that change the behavior?

LaVon Bowman

On slide 2 there is a button "Save Progress/ Exit".  Clicking that takes the user to slide 3.

On slide 3 The way that button is set up it takes them to the 3rd slide so logically that would give a complete. (the problem?)

Slide three has 3 buttons. "resume"  "Start Over" amd "Exit". Clicking "Resume" btn takes them back to slide 2 (where the video is) and resume where they left off and it does. It is when they exit and close the browser that it gives a "complete" in SCORM Cloud. So they have landed on all 3 slides and therefor they get a complete. How do I change that? Any ideas?

Andrea Mandal

I don't have an LMS to test on anymore (thankfully I'm no longer an LMS admin) ...

It's going to give the completion because they've viewed the third slide. It doesn't care how long you're on it - if you land on it, then you'll get credit.

I would not put the resume button on the third slide if that's the slide that gives the completion. Is there a way to put resume on the same slide as the video ?

If you can't have them both on the same slide, you can make slide 3 a menu slide with those buttons - resume, start over, and change "exit" to "complete course" - clicking this button takes them to a slide 4 that says something like "thank you for completing this course, click the button below to exit" and then put your exit button on slide 4 - require 4/4 for completion.

Only thing on your final slide has to be the exit button. Even if you put a "start over" they're going to get credit the second they land on the final slide (or rather, when the LMS finds out they've landed on it, but that's awfully technical)