SCORM Completion Criteria/Reccomendations

Hi Fellow E-Learning Heroes,

I'm looking for some general wisdom/insights when it comes to setting the standard for the percentage of slides that need to be viewed to complete a course. My courses are designed for my clients to train them on our software but are not certification/exam courses. Courses run between 35 minutes to an hour.

The courses are optional and I designed them to allow users to skip portions/chapters of content that they already know. So for example, they might only need to view 2 of 3 chapters worth of content. 

I've included the software simulations "Try It" mode at the end of each section rather than a "Test" mode. This is during Beta testing was that users told me they preferred having a guided try it to master skills rather than an exam. That is why I'm not using quiz results to determine SCORM pass rates. 

Any recommendations for setting the minimum percentages for course complete rates? 

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Lila Elliott


Thanks so much very helpful.

I've made some adjustments to the number of slides to required to view for a "pass." I calculated the number of slides needed to view about 70%-75% of the content and hopefully that will increase the number of learners that are successfully passing the courses.