Allow Quiz access only one time

Dec 29, 2020

I need to be able to restrict students from taking a quiz more than once.  My LMS has a Restart function for SCORM quizzes that cannot be shut off. Here is what they say: 

The "Launch" button is controlled by the LMS and will display for completed courses no matter what the configuration for the course is.

However, a course can be designed to not show the course content after re-launch (if course is completed).

The SCORM and AICC requirements and specification do not require the LMS to block or allow re-launch of completed courses.
To allow users to re-launch completed courses is a LMS decision and is currently functioning as such.

Courses can be designed to not allow users to access the content of the course after completion - this will not prevent the user from having "Launch" button on a completed course, but if a course can recognize it is completed, it can direct the user to a slide in the course that doesn't have an option to review or access the content of the course after it's completed.
This can be reviewed with the provider of the course.

Setting a variable that disables Review Quiz on Results slide does not seem to get me what I need. From the LMS, if the student completed the quiz, but failed, they can click Launch and two options appear: Resume and Retry.

If the click Resume, it takes them to the Results slide and they do get blocked because of the Review Quiz Disable trigger that I set up. But if they select Retry, it takes them to the Introduction slide and they can start over. I need to shut that off or direct them to a slide that blocks them from seeing the quiz more than once.

Being new to SCORM I am struggling with this interaction between my LMS and Articulate, so my apologies for my lack of knowledge.

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Rick Stanics

Hello Phil!

Thanks for the quick feedback. By Force Resume, I take it you mean: From Player > click Other > On Restart, select Always Resume.

This worked great!

But now that got me thinking about when a student pulls out of the quiz early; will they be able to pick up where they left off? I'm assuming yes.

Is there a way to also shut the quiz down and ignore any second attempt at completing it? We have a rule that once begun, the quiz has to be gone through in it's entirety. If left for any reason, the quiz will be scored as is.