SCORM for Idiots?

Hello all,

I've been using 360 for nearly a year, but am only getting to a point where I'll be asked to start outputting my projects as SCORM packages. This due to delays on the Moodle development side of things.

I know nothing about SCORM or Moodle, so I wondered if any resources exist that explain the fundamentals of SCORM output, how 360 can work with Moodle, what sort of data can be captured from a 360 project, etc?

Thanks in advance,

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Trina Rimmer

Hey Anthony! I admit, reading your subject line made laugh out loud. And if it makes you feel any better, I've been working in e-learning and with SCORM for almost twenty years now and I still feel like an idiot much of the time!

That being said, I think the article series we put together All About Learning Management Systems is a very good starting point for you. Included in this series is an article that demystifies SCORM, specifically.

There are a number of discussion posts on E-Learning Heroes about working with Moodle and I know many of our customers use Moodle without issue with older versions of Storyline as well as Storyline 360. The issues I have seen (you can see them too by typing "Moodle Storyline" into the search bar above) tend to be around configuring courses to work with the Moodle grade book. From what I can tell, there's definitely a little learning curve with the platform as well. You may want to ask the vendor who assisted with the Moodle implementation for some training or hand-holding as you get up-to-speed. 

I wish I had more personal Moodle expertise here, but hopefully, some of our resident Moodle pros will weigh in on this thread with their tips and suggestions.