SCORM reporting with MS SharePoint

Apr 28, 2014

Hi friends!  (my first post here

We have Integrated Talent Management (ITM) solutions including integrated standard LMS.

However, I need to also do SCORM 1.2 tracking (e.g. started, completed, Quiz results) on Articulate eLearnings residing on a standard globally shared "file server".

Instead of packaging a course as for "Web", I'll instead package as "LMS" (SCORM 1.2).

When people then start the Articulate course (player.html),

1) is it possible to report the statistics in e.g. an Excel file or similar, residing on file server?

2) can I report the statistics (executed from file server) to MS SharePoint?

3) can I report the statistics (executed from file server) to standard LMS (e.g. SumTotal, Plateau)?

Note: we have tons of learning portals and ("less formalized") learning content stored in MS SharePoint, that is not integrated with ITM/LMS. Still I need to track a lot of this, consumption, quiz results, etc.

Hope you can guide me a bit. 

Kind regards


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