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Hi y'all,

I need a screen capture software that remembers the exact region (size and position) that was captured the last time I took a screenshot. Unfortunately, SL doesn't seem to have this feature, which means that every print screen gets a little different and the pictures jump a pixel up or down / right or left as a consequence. 

How has everyone else who's doing software simulations solved this problem? (I know I can use the built-in video screen capture tool and then set it to "Training" but that meant the pics went right in the middle of the slides, which isn't satisfying my design needs. 



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Matthew Bibby

Another option is to take full screen images, then crop them using the Size and Position window in Storyline so that they are all cropped exactly the same.

Also, you can use this tool to resize browser windows to a particular size or this app to resize a desktop apps. 

Another approach (particularly helpful if you are restricted from installing additional software) is to change your screen resolution to something small (e.g. 1024 x 768) and then make your application full screen. That way your full screen images will always start the same, then you can crop consistently using the Size and Position window as mentioned above.