Sequential Hover-Over problem

Jul 03, 2021

Good day everyone!

I am trying to make this slide/list, where the user Hover's over each Numbered Box, in order, the Text Box displays and stays in that State.

As a follow-up to that, I want the "Right Arrow" to become Normal, once all 6 of the Numbers have been Hovered over, only if the timeline is done.

In theory, it looks perfectly logical to me... but clearly I'm missing something..

Any help would be appreciated!
Thanks in advance!

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Ange CM

Hi Jason, Here's a quick fix based on what you have. btw: There are some great webinars on variables they can be tricky. . Not sure why you have two sets of hover boxes: Number and Text, unless it needs to be that way I would consolidate them into one button apiece.

p.s. Creating a text box and inserting the variable is a great way to check if they are working properly via preview mode, it can also point you in the right direction if there is a problem. I did that with your variables on this .story so you can see what I mean.

Jay M

Thank you SO much Ang!

I think I just misnamed the Text box states to "Hover". (I wanted to just change their states when I hovered over the "Number", as you fixed it to do!) :)

I don't think I understand how that Mask layer you put there prevents the user from reengaging the "Hover" state again..

Also is it necessary for both these to be in there? for some reason it seems redundant to me... but I'm a rookie and you fixed my problem... soooo haha.. just trying to understand!

"set timeline_done to true/timeline ends."
"change state of arrow to normal/when timeline ends on this slide/if VARIABLE = true/and timeline_done = true"

Thank you once again for all your help!!
I love this community!

Ange CM

Hi Jason, Glad it helped. The mask was a fix so as to leave what you had in place in case there was a reason. As you only need to hover over the 'numbers',  to effect a change in variable and reveal the text box, there is no point in having a hover state on the text boxes as well. If you remove the mask you will see that the state on the text boxes flips between states each time they are hovered over, maybe you want that - for me it was confusing, but I don't know the bigger picture.

Ange CM

Hi, I missed your question re: variable redundancy.

I did wonder why you needed to have a timeline_done true/false variable, it seems an unnecessary complication from what I can see of the module. btw: You may want to check what happens if  if_visited is not satisfied until after the timeline ends. That could present a problem with the arrow state change variable conditions — I didn't check.

This may be helpful, it's a simulation that explains the logic of triggers and conditions: