Sharing samples of my courses

Jan 11, 2017

Hi all,

I would really like to share some of the stuff I have been working on using articulate; as I am new to it and would benefit from the feedback.

The only problem is... I can't figure out how to publish it and get a URL so I can share it. Any tips?



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Isabel Descrivan

Hi Sam, 

Thank you so much for your suggestion, it was perfect! I haven't been using story line for very long but for some reason my first challenge to myself was to get my character to walk. Still looks a bit stiff and needs some work but i have shared it so i can get some feedback.

Let me know your thoughts and any recommendations you might have :)


Sam Zimmer

Aw I think it looks very cute! I really don't have any experience with animation to give tips... Though I'm not sure if Storyline is the best tool for it... it seems like most people import animations from supplemental programs. The only recommendation I can give you off the bat is that you can customize the player so that the learner doesn't see the menu in the left pane and the prev/next buttons since it isn't relevant to your course. 

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