show layer when all drops are correct?

Having trouble bending a drag and drop interaction to my will. I would like a conclusion layer to appear when all objects have been dropped on the correct targets. I've tried several things such has a trigger to show the  layer when state of all objects = drop correct, and creating a variable and trigger but can't seem to make it work. Attaching the file if anyone has any suggestions.

Many thanks

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Tom Kuhlmann

Just took a quick peek so I didn't dig into it too much; however I think you need an event that then evaluates the state of the objects.

For example, if you had a button, you can say: show layer X when button is clicked [event] on the condition the state of 1-9 are correct.


Show layer X when Object A is dropped on Object A target [event] on the condition that 1-9 are correct. But you'd need to then have that trigger for all of the other correct objects because you don't know which is the final drop.

Helen Dudley

I came across this downloadable drag and drop template which returns either a complete or incomplete layer.
Storyline: Customizable Drag-and-Drop Template - Downloads - E-Learning Heroes (

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