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Justin Collinge

Hi Faffie

You could just use the play/pause feature in the player instead. It also offers a seekbar which is nice to give your users too. 
I attach an example of what I mean. Strangely the play/pause button didn't work when I kept it as a layer (not sure why not - anyone any ideas?) so I put the video as a separate slide. If you have a lot of videos in your project you could always put all of them in a different scene to make navigation a bit cleaner.

Good luck with it.


Bianca Woods

Hi Faffie,

There are lots of different approaches you could take to control your video playback. The custom play/pause buttons are definitely an option that can work, but as you mentioned, since your video is the size of your full screen there's no way to use them without them blocking some of the video.

I'd echo Justin's alternative solution to use the play/pause button in the player. You can turn that on by going to the Player Properties on the Home tab in Storyline. That approach keeps the buttons out of the way and also allows you to include a seekbar so learners can easily move back and forth to different parts of the video. And if you don't want those controls on all your slides, you can turn them off on individual slides. Go to the Slide Properties for any slide you don't want them visible on, change the Player Features to Custom For The Selected Slides, and uncheck the Seekbar.

I've attached a Storyline file that shows two different ways you could have this work.

The first option shows the video on the same slide but on a different layer. The play/pause buttons and seekbar would be visible on both layers in this approach. To make sure the play/pause buttons work when you're on the video layer, just make sure you go to the properties for that layer and choose Pause Timeline of Base Layer.

In the second option, the video is on an additional slide. That gives you the option to hide the play/pause button and seekbar on the first slide, and only show it on the second when it's needed to control the video.

I hope this helps solve your video control dilemma, but if there are any other factors the solution needs to accommodate just let me know.