simple tracking of quiz results

We don't have an LMS, and we're not able to afford something very expensive. However, we really want to provide the ability to test our customers. We already have Storyline & Studio.

Ideally we'd like to use single sign-on to their existing User Community accounts in Drupal, but at this point I'm ok with solutions that require a separate account.

It would be nice to group customers by company and run basic reports. We need to accommodate about 1000+ tests per year. Some people will take multiple tests. Hosted is ideal. Suggestions?

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Nicole Legault

Hey Heather!

Not sure if you've found a solution for this yet, but just in case you're still looking I wanted to mention Articulate Online.

It's what we call our "lightweight" LMS and it's super easy to use and intuitive, you can see who took the courses, how long they took, run reports, etc.. Best part is you can publish to it directly from Articulate tools so it really simplifies that whole part of the process.

You can look into it more here, and if you have any questions about pricing or anything like that message me or email Hope this helps!