Simulations or case studies for military and/or police academy recruits

Oct 22, 2017

I am interested in seeing examples of case studies (my use would be law cases where I might have a check for understanding at the end), simulations (choose your own path/ending), and SOP-type course material (there is a defined set of steps or protocol that a recruit must follow and I want checkpoints along the path of the content)

I know that is quite a bit of disparate info but I am just having trouble weeding through all of this material to find anything similar to what I would like to do.

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Ray Cole

There used to be a terrific demo of an e-learning course for police first-responders that was developed by Michael Allen's Allen Interactions company in a webinar archive that had been available online for many years, but it seems to be gone now. I search around for its title, "Context, Challenge, Activity, and Feedback: A Powerful New Design Methodology for All Designers" but didn't turn up anything. If you find it, the demo began about 37 minutes into the webinar. The old URL I bookmarked for this was but it's no longer working. I even tried searching at the Internet Archive's Wayback machine with no luck (though I didn't try every possible crawl-date).

Another really interesting simulation-oriented police training setup is documented in this All In with Chris Hayes segment from 2015: How to build better cops. It's not e-learning, but rather a more immersive live/branched interactive video training environment. Still, it seems like the basic idea could be implemented as a more modest e-learning course. The demo begins about a minute and half into the segment.

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