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Zdravko Gunjevic

Hi Allison, 

Yup I have SL360 and the content library is great. But some of those templates look best when viewed in landscape mode only and not both landscape and portrait. So I was curious if there are any templates that look good for both (kind of like how Rise looks good for both landscape and portrait).

Thanks :)

Allison LaMotte

I see what you mean, Zdravko, however no matter what template you use in Storyline, it won't work like it does in Rise.

Storyline courses have a fixed aspect ratio. The size of the course will adapt based on the size and orientation of the screen, but the content doesn't reflow like it does in Rise. 

If you're unhappy with how your course looks in either portait or landscape, you can adjust the settings so that learners can't view your course in that orientation. Here's an article with more information on how to do that.

Hope that helps!