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Nicole Legault

Hi Gail, 

Thanks for popping into the E-Learning Heroes community with your question!

When you say "user" do you mean a reviewer or tester? 

Or do you mean the "learner" taking the final course, and also, what kind of feedback are you looking to receive?  How are you sharing this content with the learner? Are you using an LMS (Learning Management System)? 

The answers to all these questions will affect the answer to your question above :) 

Gail Bell

Thanks for taking the question.

Okay, I am referring to the learner and an LMS. We are exploring the idea of learners providing feedback on slide content on a slide by slide basis, or perhaps section by section in a course available through an LMS.  The course will also have a scored final exam.  Is it possible for both the feedback and the final score to be provided to the LMS?  

If yes, please explain how.  I suppose we have to consult with our LMS provider to find out how the feedback and exam score would be available to us.

Nicole Legault

Hi Gail!

You'll be pleased to know that yes it is possible with Storyline.

One way you can gather feedback from the learner on each slide is by using what's called Storyline Survey Questions. 

Survey questions do track the content from the slide and pass it on to the LMS, however it is not graded. This is a good way to gather just general feedback or information that doesn't need to be scored, such as your learner feedback. One of the survey question types is "Short Answer" where the learners input can be up to ~250 characters long, and there's a question type called "Essay" where the learners input can be up to 5000 chars long. 

You can then create a separate final exam quiz which uses Graded quiz slides, and which are indeed graded and the score is also passed on to the LMS for that. You can have both of these in the same course. Allowing you to pass along both the learner feedback data, and the final score, to the LMS in one course. 

Hope this helps :) 

Gail Bell

That's  great, thanks Nicole.

When I go to publish how do I specify the behavior of the course results?

Usually I check the results slide for the graded exam, which we need to see in the LMS reporting.  Won't that prevent me from also seeing the feedback from the surveys?

I really appreciate your help.