Sliding layers in and out over base layer

Oct 30, 2018

Dear Community,

I have my layers sliding over my base layer, using the transitions cover effect. I now want to have the layer slide back out of the way to reveal the base layer when they click the button to hide layer.  However, instead it just abruptly goes back to the base later. I don't see a transition button to use upon exit. 

I tried to do this in motion paths with animations, it closed before I clicked the button to hide the layer. I didn't see a way to tie to to the button to close the layer. 

Thanks for your thoughts. 



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Ray Cole

Matthew beat me to it. His approach is right. I will add that the length of the timeline for the objects on that layer matters too. Assuming you use a 0.75 second "fly-in" entrance animation, and a 0.75 second "fly-out" animation, then your timeline needs to be exactly 1.5 seconds long. if it is longer, there will be a delay when the learner closes the sliding panel before it starts animating because the exit animation only starts (in this case) 0.75 seconds from the end of the timeline.



Hoffman  EMS Consulting

Matthew or Ray, 

Do you have any suggestions for when the layer has audio. I have them all working fine, if they don't have audio, however, I am having problems with the exit timing if they do. Currently on the slide I have a button to start the audio and a button to close the layer.  I have tried resuming the timeline after the audio completed but that was too long. I then tried to resume the timeline when the user click the button to close the layer, but it went the long. I then have it working by making the layer close when the time reaches halfway through the audio, however, I would like them to click the button to close the layer. They may want to re-read the information. 

Any additional thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks for your help.



Scott Wiley

Maybe instead of using a pause of the timeline:

- give each entry/exit animation a logical name

- point your triggers to play animation upon some other event (entry animation when timeline starts; exit animation when clicking Close button OR when your audio completes

- last trigger would close the layer when animation completes


Hope that helps.

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