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Joe Deegan

Nice work James.  Nice use of storyline features.  I love how you used the drag and drop interaction.  I have a couple of suggestions.

  • Have you considered setting the introductory slides to transition automatically?  I find that works out for a better user experience when you are telling a story or have slides where learners don't need to do anything on the slide when it's done playing.
  • It might be a nice touch to add audio and a customer graphic to the feedback slides after the correct order is taken.  For example, when the learner get's the order right the feedback could be the customer saying "Thanks, looks great!"  Adds a nice touch.
Belen Casado

Hi James,

It's really nice! 

I found it very engaging and fun.

Some comments:

  • In the slide "Where to go for lunch?" I was tempted to click every image but they weren't there for that. As they were moving at first, I tried to click on them
  • In the slide "F-Fresh" I didn't know that there would be 2 parts, so I tried to click but it was unabled (maybe I'm to stressed and try to click everything)
  • The background has some texts that distract my attention on the content.

Positive points:

  • Clean restaurant: I really like this interaction moving the guy to the stars and reading a feedback
  • Guest service guide: a perfect way to read rules when needed
  • As I said before, it's really engaging!

Congratulations James, and thanks for showing.


Fiona Quigley

Hi again,

Love the visual design - great use of realistic characters and backgrounds. I'd just suggest a couple of improvements to some activities:

The drag and drop exercise - I completed this by using the descriptions as clues rather than trying to figure out the answer - so maybe change some of the statements so that they don't accidently give a clue.

The take a telephone order exercise - again you can complete this by just rolling over the graphic until the mouse pointer changes. The two items where a number comes up - it is not obvious that you have to do that - ie to select the number 14 and the number of avocado scoops. I think also you should give specifc feedback on what you have left to find, raher than a general statement saying you haven't found everything yet - maybe even have feedback based on what the customer would say if you got the order wrong, to make it more realistic.

But great job overall!

Best wishes,


David Steffek

I really like the graphic design and clever use of interactions throughout! Great job, James!

Like Joe suggested, I suggest make the title/introduction slides advance automatically. Also, the duration of the Demo Introduction slide seemed a bit long for the content.

I found the narration to be a bit on the unnatural/robotic side. The recording quality was very good, and your talent has a good voice, but the pacing could be more natural.

Observations on specific slides:

  • Where to go for lunch: The buzzer at the end of the slide was rather jarring for me. Mabye it's because it was considerably louder than the sound levels up to that point. Maybe it's just because I'm a little jumpy today.
  • If you don't go back: Improve the pacing by overlaying the cricket sounds with the previous sound/narration.
  • I suggest changing "You should not use single use gloves" to "Do not use single use gloves." This is a much stronger statement and will better better drive home its importance.
  • Completing the phone order form: The answers are given away by looking for the mouse pointer to change over the correct options. Add distractor options to remedy this.

Again, I really liked the interactions (especially on the Clean Restaurant and the Five Steps of Customer Service slides)! Impressive work!

Daniel Brigham


Nice work and thanks for sharing:

  • nice energetic color palette and clean graphic look overall
  • nice use of drag-n-drops--the "clean restaurant" and "five steps of service" especially. It's a fresh way to present the material, I think
  • The "completing the order" with form had a true-to-life feel


  • the opening narration has some odd pauses in it. I'd slice out some of that silence to speed things along
  • Guest services guide (and the other guides) were plain looking. Perhaps add an a graphical element to spice them up a bit?
  • for reviewers' benefit, I'd suggest allowing reviewers the ability to "next" out of a question. The make a suggestion question didn't work properly for me. The woman holding child came up, I made my incorrect suggestion, was given feedback that I should try again, but then the young male customer was presented to me. A glitch?

Anyway, thanks again, and would love to see the completed version when you are done. --Daniel

Robbie Gentry

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Great use of color and storytelling- I like the whiteoutline- very engaging- good work

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