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Dec 08, 2016

My company is currently looking for a sound effects library similar to what you would find for pictures. So far all I am finding is pay per song websites. Has anyone found any great resources that are a monthly subscription? 

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Keith Shull

They're a young couple that travels the world recording sounds for people to use and enjoy. They have a variety of SFX, with lots of field recording & ambient sounds. Their best deal is  - Over 7700 sounds for $20!

They have a limited amount of music at through a partnership with a musician friend.

They have 2 licensing agreements:
1. Free Sounds (no commercial use and requires attribution, link, etc.)
2. Paid Sound Libraries (commercial use is OK and no attribution is required)

Bat Ringtone

Thanks for sharing this great resource for licensing music! As someone who's always on the lookout for new music options, I wanted to mention another website called tonosdellamada. They offer a wide variety of music ringtones that are perfect for personalizing your phone's ringtone. And the best part? You can download them for free! If you're looking to add some flair to your ringtone, I highly recommend checking out

David Johnson

Yes, there are several sound effect and music libraries that offer monthly subscription plans, providing you with access to a wide range of sounds and music tracks. These subscription-based services can be more cost-effective and convenient compared to pay-per-song websites. Here are a few popular options:

1. Epidemic Sound ( Epidemic Sound offers a vast library of high-quality sound effects and royalty-free music. They have a subscription-based model where you can access their entire collection by paying a monthly fee. They provide different plans tailored for individuals, businesses, and content creators.

2. Soundstripe ( Soundstripe is a subscription-based platform that provides unlimited access to their extensive library of royalty-free music and sound effects. They offer flexible monthly or annual subscription plans suitable for various needs, including commercial use.

3. Artlist ( Artlist is a popular music licensing platform that offers a subscription-based service for accessing their curated collection of royalty-free music, sound effects, and stock footage. They have a straightforward licensing model with unlimited downloads during your subscription period.

4. Storyblocks ( Storyblocks is known for its subscription-based model that provides access to high-quality stock media, including sound effects and music tracks. They offer different plans for individuals, businesses, and enterprises, allowing you to download as many items as you need within your subscription period.

5. PremiumBeat ( PremiumBeat, a Shutterstock company, offers a subscription-based option called Shutterstock Music. It provides unlimited access to their extensive collection of royalty-free music tracks. They have monthly and annual subscription plans suitable for various projects and budgets.

When considering a subscription service, make sure to review their licensing terms, usage restrictions, and any specific requirements they may have for commercial or public use. Additionally, explore their libraries to ensure they have the types of sounds and music you need for your specific projects.

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