Spanish Courses?

My company is in need of a basic 'Introduction to Spanish for Business' course, or something very similar.  Our only real requirements are that the class is either AICC or SCORM compliant (preferably AICC),  and that the course is not too expensive per learner.

Do you/your company offer a Spanish course?

Do you know of any that offer them?


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Becky Heineman

Hi Eric! 

 I know my company will soon be making a foray into Spanish training since we have facilities in Puerto Rico and Mexico.  I think it would depend on what kind of training you are looking at. Spanish for Business is still a fairly broad scope (especially depending on what business you are in). We will be creating our training in house due to having bilingual people on staff (which we're lucky to have), but it will still be a huge undertaking. Good luck in your quest!