Stained old paper

Nov 02, 2011

Hi everyone.

Does anyone have an image of an old piece of paper or...

even better the graident detail and colour numbers for an old paper?

Something like this...

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Steve Flowers

Here's what I found about Photoshop Elements ($99):

"Elements will ask to convert 16bit files to 8 bit and CMYK files to RGB. Other than that it will open all Photoshop files, and if you do a save as and don't overwrite the original it will not harm the 16bit and CMYK files."

If you don't want to spend $$ on Photoshop Elements, I think you can convert most files using XNVIEW and / or GIMP. Both are still free as far as I know GIMP is actually quite good as a replacement for Photoshop. Inkscape is a great replacement for Illustrator. For the price (free) these are great tools to have in your toolbox. I own Photoshop and Illustrator - I still have Inkscape and Gimp installed.

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