Starting orientation of object with motion path

Hello,  I have an object (wheelchair) on a slide with a motion path with the option Orient shape to path. The preview works perfectly.  I pulled out the one slide to a separate file so I could attach it here - but that works perfectly too.  I selected the Locked option because I thought that might help.  When I publish the course, the starting orientation of the object seems to be random (It probably follows a pattern, but I haven't figured it out, or maybe it's consistently in the same wrong position.) There are two other pieces to the animation and those are working perfectly. Why won't my published wheelchair start in the right position?  Thanks.

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LJ Beaupre

Hi Alison,

Does the single slide you pulled out also have the issue when it's published? If so, would you be able to share it? We could always publish it locally to see what's going on and try to help you troubleshoot. It might be helpful to share the slide even if it's working when published, so we have a visual :)

Alison Coops

Thanks for the suggestion!  The other two were fine.  I deleted the one with the problem and copied and edited one that worked. It didn't correct the problem, but I did discover that I can see the problem by using the play button on the timeline and I don't have to publish the whole module to see it :-/