Storyline 3: Oregon Trail Style Game

Apr 27, 2018

I am working on an Oregon Trail themed course (attached) and trying to figure out the logic to create some of the original game play feel. In the apple 2 game, tracking health depended on your pace, food supplies and random events, like dysentery. i'm not sure how to balance variables in a way that doesn't get too complex and bar the learning sequences. Unlike the original game, the gameplay i've created is "extra" on top of navigating through their journey and learning about topics at each town they pass.

(Hunting sequences courtesy of Sam Lincoln's game.)

The file is attached, what thoughts do you have about how to make it more interactive without getting in the way of the learning pieces? For example, i could set a variable where the game halts if you are out of food, and you need to shop or hunt, but employees who just want to get through the training may not enjoy that. 


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