Storyline 360 question about making hidden object visible

Feb 28, 2020


This is the published version of one slide of a media piece that I'm working on.  I've also attached the source file to this message.  

I'd like the hidden arrow at the bottom of the screen to appear once YES or NO has been selected for each of the 5 characteristics.  I've already set up the button sets so YES and NO cannot both be selected for any one of the 5 characteristics.  

I'm playing around with the conditions, but I can't find a way to make this work.  I tried "Change State of arrow to Normal...if user clicks YES-1 or NO-1.  But then I'd want there to be additional, but separate conditions to make the arrow appear...

AND user clicks YES-2 or NO-2.  

AND user clicks YES-3 or NO-3.

AND user clicks YES-4 or NO-4.  

AND user clicks YES-5 or NO-5.

Dos my question make sense?  Any thoughts?



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Steve Hazelton

True-False variables are useful way to do this (see attached). I created one for each characteristic. It takes a bunch of triggers but you can cut and paste the triggers and just adjust them so it doesn't take long to make them all.

I like the T/F variables better than counting clicks so that if someone changes their mind it doesn't throw off the count.


Richard Mulcahy

Assuming there is no right answer and you only care that they select one checkbox for each of the 5 characteristics, then you can create a T/F variable for each characteristic (5 Variables). For example, a click trigger is created to turn answer1 true if they select Yes-1 or No-1 checkbox. Next test when that checkbox is clicked to see if Answer1 and Answer2 and Answer3 and Answer4 and Answer5 all = true. If yes, then change the Arrow state to Normal.

Since the user doesn't have to click a checkbox in any order, then you need to validate every time a checkbox is clicked.

Let me know if this makes sense or not.


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