Storyline Animations

A little disappointed to see the limited animation options in Storyline. I miss motion paths and the wipe animation in particular.  Has anybody come up with a creative solution for simulating a motion path animation in Storyline?

I'm trying to create a scene where a projector screen drops down from the ceiling.  I would typically do this with motion paths or a wipe animation but I'm stuck in Storyline. Any ideas?

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M. Bosscher

Joe Deegan said:

Good work around! Thanks.

It's a work around, but by no means is it a good one.   In fact I'd call it a terrible one.  .wmv files do not allow for transparency,   I guess if you are creating boring solid colored courses this qualifies as a brilliant work around.

Still surprised Articulate "borrowed" so much from the powerpoint interface yet only brought in 5 animations?

Bruce Graham

...well in that case I apologise to everyone for my "boring" courses!

It is the workaround that we currently have. The product is already having extra features built for it - we have a wonderful v1.0 product to work with - just think what it is going to be like at v2 or v3.

I guess it is hard to build something that tries to take people away from Powerpoint, yet retain enough to keep people happy. I am sure Magnus, Brian, Marl and the rest of the team will continue to provide us with a great product over teh years.


Steve Flowers

The videos work pretty well and can be made to appear seamless with other backgrounds. Just requires planning I like the use of video for some things. Just makes things work more smoothly and provides me with choices for tools (I really like AfterEffects and Keynote's workflow).

On the flip, Articulate has indicated that they are working on some pretty magical things for animation in Storyline. So the feedback hasn't fallen on deaf ears:)

Bruce Graham

Sorry....are you talking about the Wipe (slide) Transition here, or the Wipe (object) Animation?

The Wipe transition is fully supported in SL, and I am not sure that anyone is suggesting replacing it with a video,

The Wipe animation is not (yet) supported, yet could be recorded to .wmv and imported as suggested.

I am really confused now - have I misunderstood something?