Storyline courses - Primary Education - Ages (10-12)

My latest online courses created with “storyline” for primary school children. Though it's in Greek I would like you to look more at it's design and functionality. I hope it will be useful to some.

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1. The Solar System

2. Day and Night

3. Climatic zones of Europe

4. Life in the rainforests

5. Zoo Park

6. Classification of animals

7. Mammals

8. Jukebox

9. Religions in the world

10. The cell

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David Anderson

Woah! John you sure have been busy designing some really great projects.

You should think about adding those examples to the challenges. For example:

#1, #2 fit nicely with our science challenge

#3, #9 would work great in the slider challenge

#4 is a tabs interaction

#5 is a great virtual tour and interactive maps and

#8 might work for the interactive audio

Thanks for always sharing your work with the community, John!