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I made a question bank which has 10 questions MC, MR, Fill in the blanks, T/F etc. I want to have all the 10 questions given to the user at the beginning of the course after say slide 3, can I have slide 4 with all the 10 questions and a submit button and have the results page at the end of the course?

Also, in the navigation menu on the left, can I hide certain slides from the users, like in presenter.

I am going to ask the same question but after each topic and want them to answer it correctly, if they can't then give them feedback and also make sure that they can't move to the next topic until they complete this. How can I do this? Lastly I want the result slide to include the results from the initial slide 4 which had all th e questions without feedback. Can anyone tell me how I can achieve this?

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Sid! Yes, you can do all those things. You would just insert a draw from the question bank for slide 4. You can insert your result slide anywhere in the course that you like - it can be at the end if you want. It doesn't have to appear immediately after the quiz slides.

And yes, you can hide slide titles from appearing in the menu. See "Removing Items from the Menu" in this tutorial.

If you want learners to be prevented from advancing till they get a question right, you could always just provide unlimited attempts on the question, so that they have to stay on the question until they get the correct answer, in order to move on. You'll also want to remove the menu from appearing on your quiz slides, so that learners can't just click the menu titles to jump ahead.

Jeanette Brooks

Hi Sid! You'll need to include a result slide because when users reach that, it tells the course what data to communicate to the LMS. But you don't have to show any data to the learners. What you could do is, when you insert your result slide, choose the "Blank" style, and then turn off all options such as "Allow user to review quiz" and "Show incorrect/incorrect responses when reviewing." Then, just format the slide to look like just a regular wrap-up slide. Users won't know that it's actually a result slide, and the results will still get communicated to the LMS when the learner exits the course.

tin C

Oh one more thing. I have used a  built- in drag and drop interaction, I have used a 4 file to be dropped into the file cabinet, one at a time and have a layer come up with each file being dropped into the cabinet. it's all fine until here, but is there a way to make the file dissapear once its dropped into the cabinet and not look like all the 4 files are stacked on top of each other in air.