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Aug 08, 2015

I would like to create my own storyline quizzes and haven't ventured into this realm before. I was wondering how to create a quiz so that the student can get a score at the end of the quiz? I have seen some on websites where the learner types their name and at the end gets a page with score and name they typed at the beginning. Any ideas on how to do this would be much appreciated.



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Michael Burns

Hi Diane,

Basically you're talking about 2 things (which are already built into Storyline):

* Having the user enter a text variable (their name), and showing that later; and

* Auto-calculating a quiz score

The article Nick posted covers quizzes and it's a great start. To take care of the name, just do the following:

* At the beginning of the course, click "Insert" on the ribbon, select "Controls", and select "Data entry" (the text entry field has 'ab', and the number entry has '1'). You can change the size/format of this object on the slide.

The text entry field automatically adds a variable "TextEntry", so anything the user types is stored as this variable. After inserting your Results slide at the end of a quiz, you can show this variable (i.e., whatever the user typed):

* Click "Insert" on the ribbon, select "Text Box", and draw the box on the slide. Then click inside the text box, click "Insert again", and look for "Reference". This brings up a list of variables, so you'll select the original TextEntry. (You can also rename this variable to "Name" or "Username" so it's clearer later on.) Now, when a user takes your course, whatever name they typed will show on this slide.

Hope that helps!

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