Studio and Storyline users in BC, Canada?

Feb 05, 2013

I know of several BC-based rock stars through the forum, but would be interested in meeting more users of Articulate products for possible user group meet up (Vancouver and/or Victoria).

Also would love to know of others who are freelancing in BC, for larger projects.

You can either PM me or comment in the thread if you are BC based.


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Russ Sawchuk

Hi Holly, Leah and Karyn,

If you are doing (or want to do) any e-learning work in the health sector, you may want to consider presenting or attending the Canadian Association of Continuing Health Education (CACHE) 2013 Annual Conference in Vancouver on June 11, 2013. There is a good cross-section of health professionals and educators attending so it is an excellent place to make some connections.

The call for abstracts deadline is Feb. 15. You can get more information on the CACHE conference here.  

Russ (Edmonton)

Janis F

Hi Holly,

I'm based in Vancouver and use Articulate Studio and Storyline to create lessons for low level ESL students at a non-profit immigrant serving organization. I certainly don't have the skill set that many people on this site have, but I'd be interested in a group meet-up to share ideas and to see what others are doing with the tools.


Alice Wong

Hi Holly,

Yes, I am from Vancouver, BC.  I am new to this area and would love to learn more and to share skills with everyone.  I bought Storyline 3 weeks ago and have developed my first Storyline tutorial.  I have also used Studio for added interactives to the existing courses in the past.

Love to meet everyone else in BC.


mikki herbold


I have beern using Arrticulate Storyline for nearly one year now at Douglas College in New Westminster, B.C.

I would love it if there was other users I could meet up with to discuss issues or workshops. All the workshops for storyline are in the states or back east and am really wanting something here in vancouver or victoria.

I am sure we could get some people together for this... anyone else?


Nicole Legault

This is a great discussion and topic, thanks for starting this thread Holly! Hopefully if we can garner enough interest from Articulate users in the BC area, we might be able to hold some type of Articulate event or workshop there.

If anyone else is from the West coast of Canada and would be interested in perhaps taking part in an Articulate event in B.C., please let me know! I'd just like to get a general idea of how much interest there is... Thanks!

Russ Sawchuk

I am in Edmonton, but would certainly be interested in attending and / or participating in an event or a user's group meeting in Vancouver. 

I am trying to compile a list of Articulate developers in western Canada to provide to my clients as a backup in case I am unable to make future changes to SL projects I have done for them.


Mark Brown

Sometimes small is better. Trying to organize a big EVENT is difficult. Perhaps 3, 4, or 5 people sitting down in a coffee shop to talk about problems and ideas is enough AT FIRST. I've been half-heartedly poking at Storyline 1 for a while and just bought Storyline 2. I teach English and would love to see what is possible. There's a nice Waves coffee shop in Steveston and they have a large table (as do many coffee shops). If anyone is interested......

Holly MacDonald

Hi Mark - I'm not looking for a large event, but I do live outside of Vancouver (Salt Spring Island), so it would work better for me to plan ahead. I will be on the mainland on November 5th. Staying downtown, but maybe we could find somewhere central for transit users?

Anyone want to meet up then? You can email me

Stephanie Harnett

Hi all. I would very much like to see a 'meet and greet' take place in Victoria. I can certainly help to arrange/coordinate. Need to measure interest but it would be awesome to connect with people locally that are working with the same tools I am, share some experiences and create new connections. November is out for me but early December works (the week of the 8th or 15th). Let me know as I can pull it together at this end to make it happen.

Stephanie Harnett

The week of the 8th is good for me. We could do a late afternoon get together over a couple of beer and some appy's some place downtown. Would be good to see if there is interest - a group of 10 would be ideal so that we can start to get to know each other - the local Articulate users. Perhaps setting up a quarterly users group or something along that line might work.

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