Submit button not appearing for some users

A user recently reported that they were unable to complete a quiz I created using Storyline 360. After taking a closer look, it appears as though the player is not behaving correcting - specifically the slide navigation and gestures. 

The slide is setup to show only the previous button and submit button; however, this user sees the previous button and next button - not the submit button. This training has been deployed company-wide and it's the first time someone has reported this. 

Has anyone experience this before? Any ideas?

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Joey Buys

Hi Ian.

A few questions to help the community troubleshoot your particular problem:

1. What player settings did you use when publish the course? (Formats: Flash, HTML5 or hybrid?)

2. What 'Resume' behavior is currently used for your player? (Prompt to resume, Always resume or Never resume).

3. Does your assessment have a timer / time limit associated to it? (End quiz after: x min)

4. What browser is the user in question using to access the course / assessment?

5. What device is the user using to access the assessment? (PC, Mac, Mobile - mobile with mobile player enable or mobile's browser)