Submitless Drag n Drop in Storyline360

Jun 19, 2018

screenshot of drag and drop interaction

Hey let's face it! Submit buttons are for noobs LOL I know most of us started with quiz templates and the famous "Submit" button. Here's a sample and source file of doing a drag n drop interaction without the submit button. This is pretty basic and short as I built it for ELH Challenge 202 . 


The concept is pretty simple and here are the steps from a macro level:

  1. Create your slide
  2. Insert>Convert to Freeform>Drag n Drop
  3. In slide properties, remove the "Submit" button (checkbox)
  4. Create a "Submit interaction" trigger based on the "Object dropped on" condition
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Megan Corker

Thanks for this Alexander!

Also worth noting that you can create drag and drop interactions from scratch, without the use of the 'Convert to freeform' functionality in Storyline. This means you can create drag and drop interactions on layers. Simply add 'drop correct' states to your objects and then add 'when dropped on' triggers. This will make the objects 'draggable' and as you mentioned in your scenario, can also be used with submit buttons. The event is the 'dropped on' rather than the 'click' :-)

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