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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Aaron,

Interesting question. I'd created a screenr on a file cabinet (https://player.vimeo.com/video/149064875) with grow/shrink and autoreverse that worked great in PowerPoint. I just tested it in Articulate, and the reverse effect isn't working, at least for me. Also, the "rewind when done playing" option isn't working in Articulate for me. So things are only growing, not shrinking. Not sure if I'm doing something wrong, since, as you suggest, grow/shrink is listed as supported in the link you provide above.

Jeanette Brooks

Hey Aaron! Are you wanting to auto-reverse the animation? Currently in Presenter 09 the auto-reverse isn't supported (see the non-supported effects at the end of this article). You could perhaps apply 2 separate animations, though, to get the effect you're looking for? Feel free to attach an example slide here and the community can help you noodle out some ideas!

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Jeanette,

Tx for replying to Aaron. I think perhaps we were both confused, or at least I know I was (and perhaps others as well), because in the list itself, Grow/ Shrink (as well as Grow & Turn, and Grow w/Color) are in the Yes column for supported. As you point out, the end of the article states that "rewind..." and auto-reverse are not supported.

My question: if grow/shrink is considered to be supported, but the shrinking (which happens during rewind) isn't supported, how does Articulate define supported? It feels a bit misleading to me, although I grant you that if I'd read the entire article I would have been enlightened.


Aaron  Walker

Thanks for the replies Rebecca and Jeanette. Yes, I assumed that since "grow/shrink" (listed as an entire animation) was supported by being in the yes column of the often referenced list, that the shrink feature would automatically be supported. 

Guess not. 

I'll endeavor to make it a feature request, because for the most part, the rewind back to shrink is as useful as the grow portion. 

Jeanette, thanks. What would be the separate animation that would shrink back the shape to it's original size?

Cheers all

Jeanette Brooks

Hi Becky & Aaron,

Totally hear you and thanks for the feedback on the Supported Animations page. Let me powwow with Support and see if we can make some of those anomalies with the Grow animations a little clearer.

Aaron, regarding the idea of 2 animations - see if this would work for you. Attached is a sample slide with a couple animations.

In the first image I used a grow animation and then a shrink animation, one right after the other, to enlarge the image and then return it to its original size. So that's one approach you could try.

The second idea is to use just a Pulse animation by itself. (This is shown on the attached slide also.) I'm not sure if that would meet your needs or not, but for a quick show of emphasis, it's kind of a handy animation.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

HI Jeanette,

Tx for understanding where Aaron and I are coming from.

And thanks, too, for the model for Aaron. I just tried the grow animation on my file cabinet and it works perfectly. I'd tried earlier to figure this out and was getting nowhere. Brilliant, adding grow/shrink the second time and changing the percentage in the effect options.

Pulse doesn't seem to do much or to have any modifications, so it didn't work for my file cabinet.

Wondering if I should create a Screenr that would show how to get this to work in Articulate, since my original file cabinet screenr used Grow/Shrink and auto-reverse. Or do you think at this point, "...enough with the file cabinets" !!!

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