Surface Pro?

Forgive me if this is in another thread, but I searched for it and couldn't find any new responses.

I'm on the fence about getting a Surface Pro. I am deciding between that and a new iMac, adding VM Ware to it. It's right around the same price. I'm really nervous about buying a PC because of all the problems I've had in the past.

Has anyone been running Articulate products on the Surface Pro? 



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Phil Mayor

I think they are two separate machines, for everyday development i would go with an iMac, for working on a train or visiting a client I would seriously consider a surface Pro.  I have not tested Storyline on one and would need to see what the DPI looks like when reduced to 96.

My son has a Surface RT 2 and it is a lovely machine makes the iPad feel like a toy.

Cynthia Haan

Thanks!  I already have an iPad, iMac, and a MacBook Pro, but they're all getting older and the iMac is ancient. I am primarily looking for an everyday development tool, and was shocked at the price of the Surface Pro, wondering if it was worth it. I will probably go with getting a new iMac... 

If anyone has used the Surface Pro for development, I would still like to know about their experiences. My biggest fear is that it would be very slow.