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Mar 17, 2014

Hello. Does anyone have suggestions on the most effective way to get users to respond to a survey/evaluation about the e-learning module they just completed? Some options we are thinking of:

  •  A link to the survey from within the e-learn module
  •  An email and link from an LMS that would go out to someone who completes the module

Any other options? I do not want to make it "mandatory" in any way. 



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Ashley Chiasson

Hm. My initial suggestion before I reached the end of your post was "make it mandatory"...but seeing as you want to avoid that, I'm a bit tapped out for ideas. I'm leaning toward incorporating both of your options. Include the link to the survey within the module or have it launch when the exit the last screen, and then also send out an email from the LMS to anyone who completes the module.

Historically, surveys tend to have a lower response rate than other forms of assessment (e.g. interviews, focus groups, etc.), so without making it mandatory, I think you need to provide as many opportunities as possible to entice the learner to complete the survey.

Brett Rockwood

I found we got a better success rate when we embedded the survey as a web object right in the course. It appears, more or less, like a regular slide and doesn't send the viewers out to different sites or open new windows, etc. It's quite tidy and if people have already interacting with the elearning it seems pretty natural to just continue with the survey.

Joshua Roberts

Involve the user, ensure that their feedback is valued.

I ensure that there is at least one reference to the feedback form in the module and I always let users know that their thoughts are absolutely vital in helping to shape the way training is delivered.

If a user feels as though their thoughts will make a difference they will be far more likely to respond. I currently have a 50% transition rate from module completion to feedback form completion.

I also include the link to feedback in a similar manner as I open the module with.

Joshua Roberts

Natalia Mueller said:

Brett, I LOVE that idea!! I am just in the process of deciding how we want to add our surveys and it seriously didn't even occur to me to add them as a web object. Time to go open some files...

Under the button Click to give Feedback I implemented our Survey Monkey survey as a web object, so that users could stay within the window and navigate back should they wish to.

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