Teaching Users to do eLearning

Nov 07, 2018

I'm not sure the title adequately gets at what I'm looking for.  I have a large population of team members that are not computer savvy.   They can't easily move around within an eLearning course.  Drag and drop, clicking, hovering, are all foreign concepts.  Does anyone have something to help this population of learners feel more comfortable doing online learning? Instructions are on screen.  The actual doing is the challenge for them.

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Doreen Wolf

I would suggest to make a pre-course to explain these things. It could be a little game. I think these learners need a little bit fun (a mission) to feel comfortable with.

How do learners start your course? Is there any help for them? 

Maybe you can introduce a color scheme. E.g. : Always if there is a blue line (or a special icon), than concept of drag-and-drop is to use. 

Additionally, I would prepare an offline help (a little booklet). 

I wouldn't use hovering in course. So it's easier for them to see: if they click on something they get response. They have control. + Clickable things should be have same layout/design. Always. 

Another solution (if it's possible) could be an offline class with an advisor, so that learners can complete the online course and don't struggle. 

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