Technical Drawing Software


My colleague wants to make some technical drawings like the one shown here.

He did this with PowerPoint 2003 (yes..he did..!!) and MS Paint.

But its time consuming and he is looking for a better solution.

Something which will allow you to draw tubes, cylinders, cones, cubes etc and also let you fit one into another.

Of course, AUTO CAD might help...but he dont want to involve measurements into it and besides its expensive too.

Any low cost or free software that will be of use for this?

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Steve Flowers

Sketchup by Google might be just the trick. You can do parametric inputs if you want, or simply "sketch" elements into the space. The default render type looks similar to the example you've shown.

There are two versions (Free and Pro) and a huge community of folks using it. Plenty of tutorials and a very large library of 3D models are available in the warehouse (accessible via the web or directly from within the program).